Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q: How long have you been in business?
    A: Our Ice Trekker Ice Cleats and SnoShuz Shoe Chains have been sold for 24 years. We have been selling these traction devices online for more than 14 years.
  • Q: How easy is it to put on the traction devices?
    A: If you can put on a pair of slippers, you can put on or take off our traction devices. To wear them, you simply slide the product over the front of the shoe. Then pull the easy-to-grasp heel tab and stretch the device over the shoe. Its that easy.
  • Q: If I submit my Credit Card, do you keep the information confidential?
    A: All orders are kept confidential from the time of order entry to shipping. When you fill out your online order form, that information is transmitted securely to our web server. This information is stored on this secure server until we access it through a secure connection. After we process your order, the information is deleted.
  • Q: It gets very cold where I live. Does the rubber in your shoechains become stiff in subzero temperatures?
    A: We use a special Vulcanized Black Rubber which remains flexible at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Q: Are the spikes for the Ice Trekker product replaceable?
    A: The Tungsten Carbide Spikes are Replaceable! There are four spikes under the ball of the foot and two under the heel.
  • Q: What type of people Purchase your product?
    A: We have sold our shoe chains to many different groups. Construction workers, Farmers, Fire and Rescue Units, Highway Departments, Hikers, Ice Fishermen, Fly Fishermen, Pedestrians, Police Officers, Railroad workers, Runners, Senior Citizens, Transit Authorities, US Postal Service Deliverers.